Lining You Can Count On!

NLS performs landfill construction and lining system installations with our own forces who operate out of Fort Myers, Florida.  It is your one-stop source to meet all your installation requirements.

Crew sizes, equipment complements and work schedules are customized to accommodate each project's unique requirements.  NLS is staffed with experienced managers, estimators, and various other technical support personnel needed to maintain numerous field installation crews.

NLS is comprised of some of the most experienced and well trained personnel in the industry, including but not limited to, field superintendents, equipment operators, master seamers, quality control personnel and liner technicians.  NLS owns a large inventory of speciality equipment designed to specifically meet the needs of any sized project. 

NLS excels in customer satisfaction in all aspects.  From it's friendly and professional managers and staff to it's quality work product, NLS is known for exceeding the expectations of it's clients.

No matter what your projects require, NLS offers a full range of services and can help you complete your project on time and on budget.